Grand Rapids here I come! I’m so excited to be spending the rest of this week exploring this wonderful city. I’ll be going to a few college campuses to hand out some awesome giveaways. I will also be stopping by our Michigan First branches located around Grand Rapids. 

I even found a class downtown where I’m going to learn how to properly wrap Christmas presents, don't worry i'll share the info with you too. And of course, I’ll be doing some coffee shop hopping and attending a Grand Rapids Griffins game! This will be my 5th time hanging out in Grand Rapids this year but it will be my first Griffins game. I think I even get to ride the Zamboni!

What else should I add to my agenda? Any cool events going on in the city? Let me know. 

If you live in the greater Grand Rapids area, check out the Michigan First branches we have right around the corner. Click here to find the closest branch to you! 

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