DJ’s and Video Artists Take Music to the Next Level

Hey All You Music Lovers...

Have you recently heard your favorite song remixed while out with friends and wondered how the DJ was able to transform the most common of radio songs into a club anthem?  Now imagine taking that same insane remix and adding the songs’ respective music videos into the equation.  What you get is a new online craze called video-mashuping.  This new art combines several unrelated tracks into a complex and unique masterpiece.
From amateurs to professionals, video-mashup artists are uploading their work all over Youtbe.  If you’re getting tired of your Spotify or iTunes playlists and are looking for something new, check out some of these amazing mashup artist and their work.  I promise you won’t regret it...

Panos T Videos

Dj Earworm

As someone who loves video editing and music, I am always impressed by the range of talent online.  If I only had half the talent that these guys do, I might attempt this myself.  Until then, I’ll just keep my drool cup handy when watching.
Until next time,