DIY Wedding Tips


Some of you Young & Free people may be ready to take the next step and leap into the married life. Unless you're swimming in piles of money like Scrooge McDuck:
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a wedding is going to cost you money that you may not have. Never fear! The Internet is here! Here are some great DIY wedding ideas from and
The site recommends using candles instead of flowers - much cheaper, and using mirrors and floating them in bowls of water can add a pretty effect!
There are TONS of sites with instructions on how to make your own invitations. They can turn out looking surprisingly professional! Here are some from ProjectWedding.
This is one of the easiest DIY projects. Making a card box can be as simple as wrapping an old printer paper box in wrapping paper, or getting more creative and using something like a birdcage! 
Cake toppers have been getting more and more outrageous and creative. My cousins had bobbleheads made of themselves for their cake topper! You can make your own cute cake toppers on the cheap - the Internet's always here for you!
Planning a wedding? Already planned one? Leave some tips here on the blog or on Facebook for your fellow Young & Free people looking to plan their own!
Stay awesome!