DIY: Up-cycle an old sweater! - Quit Trippin' It's Fall In Michigan!

Happy Friday! 

I am on another level today. I woke up early, left the house early, got to grab a yummy coffee with my husband and got to work in plenty of time! So needless to say I was a little chatterbox today. No grumpy Ebeth here!

I'm also super excited to share today's Quit Trippin' It's Fall In Michigan video! Yes, it is another DIY- but fella's this DIY is useful for you to! You can make your own hats and even make Christmas Presents! All you need is a sweater, scissors and hot glue! In this video I say all of the steps fairly fast, because I was trying to cut the video shorter. If you have any questions about these DIY's feel free to ask! 

To me, this DIY screams, I am Young & Free, I am thrifty, fun, fashionable and I am resourceful! I hope you are inspired to save some money this fall/ winter and If you make these DIY's, post a pic and Tag me on social!  Also, I was not kidding, if you are a family member or close friend of mine, you might get something like this for Christmas.... 

I spent $3 on one sweater which made all 4 DIY's if I went to Target to purchase them I would have spent a whopping, $42!!!!!!! And that's Target prices! Good prices, I'm not even gonna compare how much Urban Outfitters would have cost me! 


Don't forget to rename my ride if you haven't already! 

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,