Disgustingly Expensive Gifts (That You Should Buy For Me)

Inspired by Michigan Firsts' Toastmasters meeting today, I decided to give you all ideas on things you should start saving up for. For my birthday this year, of course. December 28, 2012, mark your calendars. You have PLENTY of time to get on this.

Here are some of my favorite Disgustingly Expensive Gifts that I will be expecting from you!

(all images are from ^^ that article!)

The $24,180 Computer Mouse

Because everyone needs a mouse made of 18 carat white gold, with a dazzling pattern of 59 diamonds.


The $71,500 Teddy Bear


Real gold fur, sapphires for eyes, and diamond irises? I feel like the girls on Toddlers in Tiaras would go berserk over this non-cuddly stuffed animal.

The $215,000 Perfume


Perfume doesn't smell good unless there's a five-carat diamond floating in it.

The $275,000 Bottle of Wine


Darn, New Years' just passed. How awesome would it have been to uncork a bottle of this 1907 wine that was rescued from a shipwreck off the coast of Finland? Oh well, I'll just have to ring in 2012 with this, after one of you buy it for me.

The $2.4 million Cell Phone


My iPhone is absolute crap next to this. Forget my green plastic cover, I need my home button encrusted with 6.6 carat diamonds and every edge lined with white gold and a line of 138 precisely shaped diamonds.

Happy shopping, everyone!

Stay awesome,