Discount Dating

Dating is expensive. It's a proven fact. Take the standard dinner-and-a-movie plan, for instance.

1) You don't want to take a date to Taco Bell, so you go to a sit-down place where your combined bill can be anywhere from $20-$50 bucks, or more! The price climbs even higher if one of both of you "imbibes in ze alcoholic beverages."

2) Going to the movies isn't cheap anymore. Seeing "Deadpool" in 3D can set you back another $20. (What? That's my idea of a date movie.)

You could potentially drop $70 on a date -- or more! However, there are plenty of ways to cut back when you just want to spend time with that special someone :)

Find something fun and different.

Some of my personal favorites are mini-golf, laser tag, or a baseball game. Other people might like the zoo, a dance club, or something else that's social and out of the ordinary. Once you've picked something, then you can focus on ways to make it a bit easier on your wallet, but still worthwhile!

Use Daily Deal Websites to Save Money

I get Groupons every day for things like local comedy theaters, two-for-one fondue gift certificates, and discounted sessions at the driving range. Why not use something like that for a date? Or pick something that neither of you have ever tried, and go for a lesson -- I've received offers for skiing lessons, art classes and dog-grooming classes ... ? (HAVEN'T YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO LEARN HOW TO GROOM A DOG?)

Create a Babysitter's Club

If you have children and paying a babysitter is another added expense, consider forming your own Babysitter's Club! Find a few couples who also have kids. Each Friday, one couple will take all the kids while the other couples go out on "date night." This way, no one has to pay for babysitters, and all you have to do is watch a bunch of kids every month or so. Win-win!

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