Direct Deposit- Fairy Godmother

Direct Deposit has changed my life! You might think, "Is it that deep?" YES- Yes it is.

I used to have to wait until after work on my pay day to deposit my check, and then I would have to wait one or two days to access all of my money that I deposited! Not anymore!

Now, on payday, when the clock strikes midnight, I hop onto mobile banking like Cinderella onto that carriage to look for my money! Low and behold my poor pumpkin of a bank account gets turned into a beautiful carriage, full of my hard earned money.  Direct deposit has been like a fairy godmother. 

OK, maybe that was a little dramatic- but really, you should get direct deposit.

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What is a direct deposit?

In Ebeth terms, direct deposit is the easiest way to get your pay check! Your earnings directly transfer into your designated account on, or sometimes the day before pay day! Like MAGIC. 

Why would I want direct deposit?

  • You avoid check holds.
  • You get rid of another task, such as depositing the check.
  • Sometimes your money is available for you the day before pay day! 
  • Your check is safe- won't get lost or stolen.
  • Your pay check is available to you even if you go out of town! 


How do I get direct deposit? 

 Click on this link:

Or go into Michigan First Credit Union today and they will help you out! 


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