Dine in at Home!

If you haven’t realized it yet, going out to eat can be SUPER expensive, especially if you go out every day… twice a day… for weeks. And you may very well be going out that often when you work RIGHT next to a restaurant that serves the BEST Greek salad ever.

So, as you may be going through the struggle of not going to get a Greek Salad every day during your lunch break (uhh… OK – I’ll admit it – I’m talking about me!) I’ve got some tips for you on how to still have some delicious food without going out to eat for it.

First thing first, you’ve got to start making your own lunch, dinner or breakfast, depending on whatever meal you like to go out for. And in order to make your own meal, try to follow these steps:

1. Know what you’d like to make a few days prior to making your meal.

2. Find out what the ingredients are for that meal.

3. Hit up the local grocery store and buy those ingredients.

4. And be ready when the day comes to make your “dining in” meal!

Once you’ve got all of this down, make sure you’re familiar with the recipe. And follow the steps of the recipe so you know it’ll turn out right. Once you get used to following these steps and you feel comfortable making your meal, feel free to add your own twists later. That’s one of the reasons eating at home is great, you can make your food EXACTLY how you would like it. No one knows you better than you!

The next piece of advice is for those of you who are eating at home and want the entire “dining out" experience.

Once the cooking part of your meal is covered, step up your surroundings! Make the place you’ll be eating look nice, like a restaurant.

Do this by:

1. Having the table already set.

2. Play some background music.

3. Have a pitcher of water (or a bottle of whatever you'll be drinking) on the table so you don’t have to get up to refill.

Not only will this end up saving you money in the long run, you will still have a super tasty meal in the comfort of your own home!

And don’t get me wrong – going out every once and awhile is fun, and sometimes we ALL need a break from cooking. It’s just we probably don’t need a break everyday… even when there is a Greek salad making legend right next store to your place of work ;).


Hope you future 5-star chefs enjoy!