Detroit SOUP

Ever had a great idea that could help the community, but you lacked just a small amount of startup cash? Consider becoming involved with Detroit SOUP, a monthly meetup of . . . well, anyone who wants to sit around, eat soup, and vote on amazing creative ideas.  

The winning proposal gets a micro-grant to jump start the project. Awesome, right?
Basically, on the second Sunday of each month, Detroit SOUP meets above the Mexicantown Bakery. $5 gets you soup, salad, bread, pie, and the chance to hear four project pitches from budding local micro-entrepreneurs. At the end of the night, the attendees vote on the best project.
Detroit SOUP thrives on the democratic process. The ultra-hip "Bakery Loft" where the meetings are held even boasts voting booths! The meetings are also a magnet for all types of creative people from Detroit and the surrounding suburbs -- creative people who are interested in micro-enterprise and building the city back up through small, realistic, but impactful projects.
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Stay awesome!