Decorating For The Season!


In case you haven’t figured it out yet, fall is my FAVORITE season. And not because of all the fun activities that fall entails, but also because fall is one of the BEST seasons to decorate for on a budget. There are tons of different autumn decorations like hay stacks and gourds (or what I like to call decorative pumpkins,)  and HALLOWEEN decorations, which I also consider seasonal fall decorations.  Because you have SO many options when it comes to autumn time decorating, it makes the venture of spicing up your surroundings with some pretty fall touches even better.


So where do you go to find fall decorations? There are many options. Most grocery stores sell gourds (again decorative pumpkins) for cheap. For example, I bought a beautiful, prime gourd for only $1.50. This small gourd will add a beautiful fall touch to any office space, bedroom or counter top. If you’re looking to decorate the outdoors part to your home, hay stacks are a great way to add a fall feel.  Some farms and local grocery stores sell haystack for about $5.00. Scarecrows are also a great decoration in the fall, especially because they don’t ALWAYS have to be scary; you can buy friendly looking scarecrows too.

And when it comes to Halloween decorations, MAKE SURE to check out your local thrift store. Most thrift stores have an abundance of Halloween decorations and they’re usually cheap! But if you’d rather use homemade Halloween decorations, I have a quick tip for you.

You can always take an old white sheet, hang it over a chair, and draw eyes and mouth on it with permanent marker. Here, you would have a ghost.


 You can also play arts and crafts and make your own cut outs of pumpkins, ghosts, leaves or candy corn,  and then hang them on your wall!


Until next time,

Vicky :)