Coffee makers for college.

Caffeine is an essential in college! But going out to the coffee shop every day is not the best way to spend your money. Think about it, if you buy a $5 coffee every other day for one month you will be spending about $75 JUST ON COFFEE! Instead you can invest in a nice coffee machine, spend $25 on your coffee supplies every month and save the rest!

When it comes to purchasing a coffee maker you have a few choices:

1.    Pour Over Coffee Maker, $10 - Great option if you have some way to heat up the water yourself. Using a microwave or a water heater will work.

2.    French Press, $10 to $80 - Purchase anywhere from Ikea to Bed Bath and Beyond. Similar to the pour over method you will need to heat up the water yourself and will need to get your coffee ground more course. But this method provides strong flavored coffee. (I love French pressed coffee.)

3.    Mr. Coffee Pot, $30 -  Classic cup of coffee, it gets the job done!

4.    Keurig, $99 to $169 - If you want a little more convince and more of a coffee shop flavor this is a good option for you. Keep in mind, you can save even more by using a reusable K-Cup filter. Bonus, it’s better for the environment! Amazon has them for about $12.

5.    Starbucks Verismo, $150 - If you are into this… I know nothing about it really, but I don’t think it’s the best deal.

6.    De’Longhi Steam Espresso/Drip Coffee Cappuccino and Latte Machine, $150 -  In my opinion, this is the best bang for your buck. That is if you are like me you want some espresso shots in your drink. Plus, when you go to get coffee it’s a cappuccino or latte. Although this machine will require a little learning, it will give you the flavors you crave in your coffee. This machine will pay for itself in about 2 months, if you can avoid buying a coffee at your school’s Starbucks. 

If coffee isn’t your thing and you are more of a tea drinker invest in a water heater, they work like magic! I would also recommend purchasing a water filter for yourself so you don’t have to constantly purchase water bottles. You can get a Brita for about $35 or a Whirlpool, EveryDrop for $20.

Going to college costs a lot on money and although I’m throwing some big number at you, it's important to realize the value of these tools and the amount of money they can save you while you are at school. Make wise purchases and figure out what the most important things are for you.

Next we will talk about great deals on storage and organization systems for your dorm!

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