Cruising Through Life...

On Saturday I flew back to Michigan from my week long, wonderful vacation with my husband to Florida and the Bahamas. While we really enjoyed our time away, this was our first cruise and I must say we learned some valuable things about cruising. I wanted to share these lessons with you, so you won't be caught off guard if you are planning a cruise.

Bring a folder or large envelope with you.

Luckily I was prepared with a large envelope! During the entire vacation we received so many tickets, legal documents, receipts and paper work. Keeping everything well organized will help you relieve stress and get through lines faster.

Cruises aren’t really all inclusive.

The cruise we took did not include soft drinks or alcohol. We ended up getting a soft drink package which would have cost us a lot of money,if we hadn't sat through a presentation to earn $50 cruise credit. 

You pay every time you get off the boat at a stop.

Port fee’s are different for every stop and cruise line but can range from 50-100 bucks a person, so plan ahead and look into the port fee prices when planning a cruise. 

You have to be a little social.

Unless you're traveling with a large group you are seated at  a dinner table full of other guests. If you don’t like meeting people and talking to people you can pay an extra cost to get your own table.

Those are just a few things I learned about cruising from my relaxing vacation. I am excited that I was able to share more tips with you all! My advice is, before you take a cruise, budget an additional $200 to cover all the “extra” fee’s you will come across. Better safe than sorry.

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