Credit Card Hack? You're Probably OK

I'm sure you've heard about credit card numbers being stolen from major retailers in the past -- and widespread panic sometimes occurs. Identity theft! Fraudulent charges! What if my number is stolen? Do they have my Social Security number? Is there another one of me out there somewhere …? 

In early March, Global Payments, a company responsible for one part of a long, complicated string involved in credit card transactions, had their database hacked

But before you panic, know the facts! While about 1.5 million card numbers were potentially compromised, there are about 1 billion credit and debit cards in the U.S. - so, the odds are in your favor. (Hunger Games reference.)

Also, no personal information was breached, meaning that cardholder names, Social Security numbers, and addresses were not affected. So while your card number could potentially have been stolen, the thief wouldn't have enough information to steal your identity.

The good news? You don't have to do much of anything if your card was a victim of this type of breach. If your credit card company thinks that your account is compromised, they'll let you know. And you're not liable for fraudulent charges, so worst case scenario is that you'll have to get your card re-issued.

Always keep up with your account activity online, though, and let your credit card company know if you see anything suspicious!

Stay awesome!