Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft

Today's blog is full of some great information from Young & Free Maine's Mallory. She has a One Minute Money show on YouTube where she gives some amazing tips and advice about money in one minute! 

She posted this video about credit card fraud and identity theft last week and I thought it was fitting to share with you today, because your debit and credit cards are probably getting a good work out this week. 

Remember that protecting your private and personal information is extremely important for your financial wellness. Keeping your information locked up in a secret place in your dorm room is also a good idea and shredding your mail is something you might want to consider. 

In 2016 I will have a new series all about fraud and different scams to recognize and avoid, i'm excited to share that info with you soon! 


Enjoy this hump day and don't go too crazy last minute shopping. 

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,