CRAZY Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve at the mall...this is a crazy time and a crazy place to be. When I worked retail I was stuck with the night shift on Christmas Eve several times. Thankfully our stores closed early on the holiday. However, I dealt with frazzled customers trying to buy random items for their family and friends for those 6-7 hours at work. This really gets me thinking. Why would I run around a mall with a list of people I need to buy gifts for the day before I need to give them, when I knew I wanted to get them gifts months before? 

Now, I understand that life happens and sometimes you have no choice but to shop on Christmas eve, but it seems a little silly to me. 

So, I’m talking about this to remind you a few things. If you are working today, remember that having a job is a blessing and a privilege that some people don't have. Take some time to smile at the most grumpy customers and have some fun while your at work. 

If you are shopping today, stop stressing. Being stressed out and grumpy will not help you select the right gifts and get out of that store any faster. Remember why you are getting gifts for your friends and family. Please look at the cashier and sales people in the eye while you talk to them, they are people too ya' know. Oh and don’t forget to smile. 

If you have to spend your time at a shopping mall or store today, either working or shopping remember the day will come to an end and you can either make some great memories of the day, or some grumpy memories.

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,