Crafty Christmas- Wrapping Paper

WOW what a crazy week it has been! Good thing it's almost Friday.

It's already time to start thinking about having a crafty Christmas! I am not one who loves wrapping presents, crazy I know. Yes, I want the presents to look nice under the tree, but in the end all of the wrapping is going to end up in the trash, so why spend 15-20 bucks on wrapping paper!?!? 

I have come up with a fantastic alternative, that you can use for multiple purposes! You can pick this product up all year long, from any major store, or even Home Depot! You guessed it, or you just looked at the picture. I'm talking about brown, packing paper.

I am not only going to use this as wrapping paper, but also as a table runner, and paper Christmas trees and who knows what else I will think of!  

So get crafty and get thrifty for the Holiday's that are fast approaching! Yes, you can use this for Thanksgiving too! (Again, I'm using it as a table runner.) 

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,