Could You Live Without ANY Money?

 Have you ever heard people complain about how they want to simplify their lives? Get disconnected, clean out their clutter, stop relying on materials for happiness? 

For a lot of people, it's all talk. Sure, you might sell a lot of your possessions, stop buying fast food and living on a strict, no-frills budget. But did you ever consider not living in a house? Not buying ANY clothing? Not having any money to your name at all?
Well, Daniel Suelo took this no-frills approach to life to the absolute extreme. He is broke -- flat broke -- and completely happy with it.
This article from Yahoo! news explains how Suelo became clinically depressed and anxious over his need for "acquisition," as he puts it. After a considerable amount of contemplation, traveling, and planning, he decided to truly live off the land. He literally lives in a cave on public land in Utah. He has absolutely no money, scavenges or hunts for food, and uses the public library to maintain a blog about his experiences.
This guy absolutely blows my mind! I can appreciate scaling back and making life simpler and more organic (haven't you ever fantasized about just taking off into the wilderness and living like Pocahontas?), but I can't ever imagine actually living in a cave with no money. I can barely go to a campground without hot running water in the showers.
What do you all make of this? Is he admirable, crazy, delusional? Make sure you read the whole article -- it's FASCINATING!
Stay awesome!