Conserving your Battery Life

I absolutely HATE it when my phone dies. And given that I'm constantly on social media, my phone seems as if it's almost always dying! My friend and fellow spokester, Kaison from Young & Free Alabama shared an AWESOME blog about how to converse your phone's battery life!

Check it out!

"Let’s be honest guys: when your phone dies it’s like the world is ending. My phone is like my lifeline to the world. It’s pathetic really, but it’s how I communicate with everyone, get directions where I am going, and even how I tell time. So I have found a few things that can dramatically affect your battery life.

Location Services- A lot of apps will ask to use your location… just say no! First off it’s creepy, and secondly it’s constantly looking for you so it uses your battery life. You can tell if your location services are being used by the little arrow at the top of the screen.

Apps- Apps still run in the background when you close them. Make sure you “stop” them on your droid or swipe them away on an iPhone.

Brightness- This one is kind of obvious but is easy to forget. I turn my brightness up all the way when I am walking around outside or else I couldn’t see the screen. But when you are inside turning your brightness down could conserve your battery life.

Push Notifications- Every time one of those pesky little reminders or updates pop up then your phone has to light up, twice if you do not open it. It’s also having to make a connection to the network to get that update. You can turn off notifications for apps you don’t use in your settings.

Wi-Fi- This is a tip I learned with my laptop, turn your wi-fi off if you aren’t using it. Your phone will be looking for new connections so your battery suffers. You can also cut on airplane mode to avoid the network all together.

These tips are great for holding on to your battery. I also let my phone completely die before I recharge it. It gives it time to update and I get the full life out of it. I hope these help! What tips do you have?"

Big thank you to Kaison for sharing these tips - helping me keep my phone alive longer! :)


Until next time,