COMING SOON: Young & Free MI Scholarship Program

Michigan First Believes in YOU! 

Figuring out a way to pay for college should be a degree on its own.  It seems like everyone is willing to tell you how important it is to continue your education after high school, but very few are able to explain how to make it happen.  Sure you might know how to go about applying to schools, but what about being able to afford the insane tuition costs?  It’s pretty intimidating!  The simple fact is there is no ONE path to take when figuring out how to pay for and stay in college.  Fortunately Michigan First is here to help!

When Michigan First Credit Union was founded, it wasn’t always called Michigan First.  In fact it started off as The Detroit Teachers Credit Union back in 1926.  Founded by a group of nine teachers, Michigan First has never lost its focus on education.  Even after it’s name change in 2001, the credit union continues pride itself in supporting the education of youth all over the Metro Detroit area.  

To put it simply, Michigan First believes in helping young people achieve their dreams.  Not only by supporting educational programs, but by helping youth understand and pay for college.  Over the past nine years we have awarded more than $650,000 in scholarships to deserving Michigan students.


This year the Young & Free Scholarship Program continues the tradition by offering more than $50,000 in scholarships to high school seniors and current college students.  The program and competition itself will roll out this coming January 2013!  It is the perfect scholarship competition for the current struggling college student or high school senior who is still searching for extra help.  Be sure to stay tuned in and check back frequently for more information and announcements!

Until next time,