Come all Ye Taxes Filers

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Not really sure why I'm writing in the style of hymns and Christmas songs... but maybe that's because filing your taxes is so joyous!  Just kidding. But it is something we have to do. Not to mention - sometimes you'll actually get a tax REFUND (which is actually pretty joyous.)



Where do you go to file your taxes? What do you need to bring with you?



Well... let's start off with VITA (The IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance.) VITA offers FREE tax help to people who make less than $52,000 a year. IRS-Certified volunteers will prepare basic taxes for you and will help answer your questions. You can find a VITA site near you here.

Free  IRS Tax Filing Software

If you'd rather file your taxes on your own, you can do this too. The IRS offers free filing software for incomes lower than $58,000. You can access the software here. The software is secure, and as it seems on the website, simple to use.  If you need extra help, or have any questions, you can still visit the VITA locations and receive the help you need.


For basic tax returns, which most of us have, TurboTax offers to file your federal taxes for FREE. Filing your state taxes would cost $27.99. According to my friend and fellow Spokester Kaison from Young & Free Alabama, "It is best for me because I can stop working on it and it saves my place. It also asked me a bunch of questions and I got some deductions that I didn’t know I qualified for." 

H&R Block

H&R block has tax professionals file your taxes for you, where you can either drop off your forms or sit through the process of filing the return with them. The price of your tax return will depend on how complex your taxes are. For example, people in the 17-25 year old age range usually have basic taxes. Once you own a home and  have dependents, it'll make your tax return more complex. According to Taxes About, the average cost of a tax return at H&R Block was $198 last year.

As for what you need to bring/need when you file your taxes, I found an AWESOME checklist, courtesy of H&R Block. Check it out:

Those are just SOME of the options you have to file your taxes. No matter what you decide to do - don't let some stranger without a good-standing background file your taxes for you; it is NOT worth the risk.

If you have any tips or suggestions when it comes to tax returns, please share them below!


Until next time,

Vicky :)