College Essentials- The Best Deals

Fall is coming, and the mean's back to school season is near! For the next few weeks I will be talking about where to get the best deals on some of the most important supplies for college. Today’s blog is all about food. Some of the most useful supplies for college are a mini fridge, microwave, microwavable dishes/pots and a water heater!

Top deals on a Mini Fridge:

1-    Craig’s List $1

There are all sorts of fridges ranging from $1- $200 It might be a risky purchase, but it could also be an amazing find.

2-    Walmart 3.2 cu. ft. $109.00

3-    Sears 3.3 cu. ft. $110.49

4- 3.2 cu. ft. $163.13 or used for $138.66

5-    Best Buy (Will price match) 3.3 cu. ft. $152.99

6-  3.2 cu. ft. $187.99

My Recommendation: Craigslist if you are really in a pinch, or Best Buy. Best Buy has great service and warranties. With their price match guarantee, you can get the lowest price on the fridge you want!

Top Deals on Microwaves:

Who am I kidding, I still say just go to Best Buy! Price match guarantee and excellent service with warranties!

Now let’s talk about the microwavable cook wear my coworkers were raving about! I found a BPA free, microwave cover Steam Release that you set on top of your plate in the microwave. It runs about $13 but I’m looking for something a little more useful than that. Then I hit gold! I found an 8 piece Microwavable cookware set. You can cook, steam, serve and store your food all in one container! This means all you need is a microwave to cook some real food in your dorm! No more frozen pizzas and noodle’s! You can steam some veggies, rice or anything else you want! This set it about $17 at Sears.

I also found a PAO microwavable rice steamer for only $15 at Best Buy, or you can purchase a large one at Bed Bath and Beyond. My advice, don’t waste your time buying the microwavable egg dishes, all you need is a coffee mug for that! 

Do you have any tips or advice for incoming freshmen on what they should have in their dorm room? Leave in the comments below!

Tomorrow we are going to continue this conversation by talking about the best coffee maker for your dorm room! 

Keeping it Fresh Young & Free,