Coffee Shop Review- MadCap | Grand Rapids

While I was hanging around Grand Rapids, I was inspired to write a few blogs about some local coffee shops and share my review of them. I had so much fun doing this research and spending time in all of the different cafés. In these blogs I’ll share with you:

  • Why I would go to each coffee shop
  • The pros and cons of the cafés
  • How Instagramable they are!


How would I define it?

It’s an energetic, modern, conversational café with an artistic, minimalist style. 

I went to MadCap around 10am and it was full of people. I opened the door to some “bumping” Justin Bieber music playing throughout the café. After I placed my order and found a seat, I noticed that there was constant traffic in the café, but fortunately it was large enough where I felt I had my own space. There was a variety of seating options. However, it was so full that I had slim pickings. I noticed about 16 outlets scattered around MadCap. Although there were about 12 different conversations going on in the café, I couldn’t hear one. The music was being played just loud enough and the seating was spread out, so there was some privacy for conversations.

When would I go to MadCap? 

I would go to MadCap to meet up with fiends, get a quick pick me up, or even have a meeting. There was a lot going on in the café so I didn’t feel like I had to talk at a whisper, but personally I don’t think it would be a great place for me to study. I think I would get distracted.

Instagram Score

8.5 out of 10

The only reason I give this shop an 8.5 out of 10 is because not every spot in the café is great for photos and it seems to be very busy and full. You would have to have a great seat, be comfortable taking Instagrams around strangers, or wait for people to move for the perfect shot. But I will say, the shop is bright, crisp and beautiful for photos. 




Located in the heart of downtown, there were plenty of outlets and it was a friendly atmosphere. I could comfortably hang out here and not feel like I'm being rude or interrupting other coffee drinkers. 


No free parking. It closes early and it might be hard to find a seat, because it’s busy. 

The barista made me a Mia latte which was absolutely delicious! I drank the entire thing! 

Have you ever been to MadCap? What’s your favorite part about the café? 

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