Coconut Oil Can Save Me Money?

I want to save more money and I want to help you save more money! So, I have taken on the challenge to, simplify life and find items that I can use for multiple purposes. One of the items that I have found and I am very fond of is, coconut oil.

Coconut oil can seem expensive when you buy it at the grocery store, but buying in bulk is way better. I bought this huge jar of coconut oil for about $17. Don't freak out, I am using this for a variety of purposes. So far, I have used it to cook with, I have used it as a hair conditioner, I have used it as my face moisturizer and I have also used it for a few awesome DIY's. (I will post those later.) I can boldly say that buying coconut oil in bulk has major potential to save me a lot of money. What about you? Are you willing to give it a shot and replace 3 or 4 items you buy on a regular basis with coconut oil?  

Let me know if you have any great DIY's I should make with the coconut oil, or what you love to use coconut oil for.

Also, if you are allergic to coconut, don't buy coconut oil! Just sayin'...

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,