Christmas Cookies & Leggings

Is it really December already? I’m almost at a loss for words…almost.

I don’t know about you, but I am a Christmas fanatic! I love Christmas music, Christmas decorations and Christmas smells. Yes, Christmas has smells. But, if I am being honest, there is one thing I don’t love about Christmas and that is the spending! 

My husband will be there first to tell you that I hate spending money. I am a money conscious person and it’s hard for me not to consider money when I make a decision. So, what am I going to do about it this year? 

I’m not going to buy any more Christmas decorations. I’m not going to buy any cute Christmas pillows, blankets, or dishes. I am going to be resourceful. I will only buy gifts for people I’m close to and I will only buy them something that’s in my budget. I’m not going to host a big elaborate, expensive holiday party, but I might have a small cookie social instead. 

But the biggest thing I will do this December is a Christmas Savings Challenge. My goal is to save a matching $1 for whatever the date is. What do I mean by that? Today, on the first of December, save $1. On the 17th of December save $17. On the 25th of December save $25.  You see the pattern? How am I going to achieve this during such a busy month? Well, the little things add up so I will eat out less. I’ll shop with a purpose and not shop to fill time. I’ll use coupons and make things myself. I’ve got to be honest with you. This does seem like a tough task and I might not succeed perfectly, but I am going to try my hardest to save this month. 

What are you doing to save money this December? And for Pete’s sake, don’t spend all of your free time at the mall this Christmas break! How many new sweaters or pairs of leggings do you really need? I’m just keeping it real with you. 

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,