Cheap Places to Travel from Detroit for a Summer Vacation in 2017

Traveling ain’t cheap. We all know that. But you might be surprised at where you can go for a relatively low price. Here are some of the cheapest, coolest spots to travel to if you’re looking for your next travel destination:

San Antonio, TX

This city is famous for its Tex-Mex restaurant scene, markets, fiestas, and a super interesting history. From Michigan, you can catch a cheap flight to San Antonio. Last year, I flew there for about $90 one-way through Southwest Airlines. Hotel accommodations average around $150 but there’s always hostels and Air BnB.

Kansas City, MO

Three words: Bar. Be. Cue. Kansas isn’t a city you think to vacation to, but its coolness will catch you by surprise. Its known to have some of the world’s best barbecue. You can find roundtrip flights (from Detroit) for $109 almost all summer, through Sprit airlines. The hotel price averages at $139 per night. This screams a fun, quick, weekend trip!

Atlanta, GA

There’s so much to do in Atlanta, and if you’re into nightlife – this is your place to go. From Detroit, it’s a doable drive of 12 hours, but you can usually find very reasonable airfare. For accommodations, if you’re looking to save on a rental car, you can stay downtown and take the MARTA, Atlanta’s rail system. That’s probably the better option since they have some of the worst rush hour traffic!

Philadelphia, PA

The City of Brotherly Love. How could someone not pay Philly a visit? From the infamous Philly Cheesesteak, to South Street and outdoor art galore, Philadelphia has a special charm like no other city. It’s about a nine-hour drive from Detroit, which is the perfect length of time for an amazing road trip. Or you can find flights for less than $100 roundtrip. Such a steal! Hotels average at $130 per night, but they have hostel options if you’re really trying to save.

New Orleans, LA

This vibrant city is known for its live music, phenomenal food, and eclectic culture. Tons of free festivals and fun happen in NOLA. From Michigan, you can fly there for less than $200 roundtrip. Plus, there are tons of Air BnB’s and cheaper lodging if you’re not staying in the heart of the city.

Happy Traveling!

Be Easy,