Cheap Things to Do on this Random 70-degree Michigan Friday

Welcome to Michigan where it's winter one day, then summer the next... all while being spring. Today, it’s 70 degrees, but tomorrow it will be 45 and rainy. Here are a few ways you can make the most of this serendipitously warm day.

  1. Grill outside! Might seem a little premature, but who cares? Everything tastes better when it’s fresh off the grill. Plus, you’ll save some money on gas.
  2. Go get slurpees or fro-yo.
  3. Go to the park to watch the sunset. It might start getting a little cooler.
  4. Drive-in movies. And sit on top of your car, or in the trunk of a pickup. 
  5. Hit a bike trail or just go for a ride.
  6. Whip out your motorcycle or sports car, if you’re balling like that.
  7. Go visit a new restaurant downtown. Shake Shack is one of my new favorites!
  8. Take a stroll down the Riverwalk (to burn off your Shake Shack).
  9. Wash your car! Get all of the salt and gunk from the winter off.
  10. Visit some family or friends you haven’t seen in a while. Because we all know that when it's cold outside, we go into hibernation.

Whatever you do, just get out of the house! It’s too beautiful to be cooped up inside... because ain't no telling when we'll see another day like today.

Be Easy,