Cheap First Date Ideas!

First Impressions are Everything Right?

As young adults there is a great deal of pressure associated with the dating scene. For any of you who have recently gone on a first date, you may recall that it can be a somewhat nerve-wracking experience. We hear all the time how important that first impression is, but how much effort and money does one have to drop to create a memorable first experience?  Movies and television often set the standard high by showing romantic nights out on the town to fancy restaurants, but is it really necessary to burn a hole in your wallet to create a good first impression?
While I will not claim to know the correct answer to that question, what I can provide instead are some cheaper but creative alternatives to the pricey/traditional first date.
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The Coffee Shop:  Instead of inviting him/her to dinner, ask your prospective date to grab coffee instead.  There are numerous coffee/dessert shops in the area that allow for an intimate environment and great conversation.  Some even offer live entertainment on weekends.  This is the perfect atmosphere to really get a good conversation going while avoiding awkward food accidents.
Go on a Walk:  I know this probably sound boring but bear with me.  Find a unique park or downtown festival to check out.  This type of date is perfect because the constant movement avoids awkward pauses in speech and offers great opportunities for flirting.  You’ll want to do some homework ahead of time though.  Make roughly map out the walk to make sure the walking path still exists and isn’t overgrown.  Also, make sure you do this during the evening.  Hot daytime temperatures during the summer can be a real damper on any outdoor activity when trying to make a first impression.
Cook together:  Instead of going out to eat, plan a trip to the grocery store where you both can shop for ingredients.  Then head home and try cooking the meal together.  This is a great time to listen to some music and even have a drink or two.  Even if the food ends up being a complete disaster, don’t stress over it!  Some of the best memories can come from kitchen fails!  Just make sure you don’t burn the place down.
If these few ideas don’t sit right with you then you can always default back to dinner and movie. However, there is no shame in asking a person out to a less expensive date if you can supplement it with an activity and/or good conversation.   Not only can it be a ton of fun, but it can also save you a ton of money!  Besides, who knows if all that money will land you a second date anyway? ;)
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