Cheap Eats: Sonic Drive-In


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Remember back when the Sonic commercials would air in Southeastern Michigan, and you wanted nothing more than one of those delicious looking shakes or Tater Tots? And then you remembered that the nearest Sonic was in Indiana or something, and the cruel, cruel world just wanted to taunt you with something you could never feasibly have unless you moved hours away?
Well Michigan, we now have a plethora of Sonic drive-in fast food restaurants for your tasting pleasure. I suppose that the food is probably just as good as other fast food chains, but what puts Sonic over the edge is its drink selection. According to Sonic, you can taste 398,929 different drinks with all the flavor combos they offer.  I usually stick with the standard limeade, especially in the summer, but go crazy!
As for food, I'm a fan of the burgers, handmade onion rings, and Tater Tots. The lazy in me also loves the retro carhops that come to your window, especially when they're on roller skates!
I guess a large part of Sonic's appeal is the novelty of a drive-in, but it beats sitting in a McDonald's with kids screaming in the PlayPlace. If you've never been to a Sonic, I recommend it -- just for the drinks alone!  


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