Changing the World: Dale Partridge

Before I start getting into what exactly Dale Partridge does, let me tell you a little bit more about him first.

Dale Partridge is in his late 20’s. He’s happily married, has a wife, daughter and dog, and he lives in California. He is the author is an AWESOME blog called "The Daily Positive." He has founded SIX successful companies, and he currently owns a company called Sevenly (which he also founded.) Partridge is also an avid speaker and has written the book “People Over Profit.” To me, it isn't only a book title. It’s a life motto that you can tell Partridge lives by. 

His Blog


I've recently had the pleasure to stumble upon an awesome blog written by Partridge. He has taken a different spin on life issues and questions, and encourages us to think positively and live happy lives. I guess everyone has a different idea about what “happy” is. It could be to own a fast car and a big house; it could be getting a week off of work and pizza for dinner. Partridge causes us to dig a little bit deeper than that when we evaluate our own situations and values, or at least he has caused me to. Scrolling through his blog, I have found EXTREMELY interesting takes on marriage, on forgiveness, and even on jobs/careers.


Partridge and Aaron Chavez (a co-founder of Sevenly) came together with a mission to help others and encourage our generation to be generous. With this mission in mind, Partridge and Chavez created the company Sevenly in 2011. Sevenly sells products such as bags, shirts, hoodies, bracelets and more, $7 from each product going to a weekly charity. Each week, there is a new charity being donated to. And get this: Sevely has donated over $3,000,000 to charity, and has helped over 1,000,000 people.


Dale Partridge is in inspiration. It's amazing to see someone so successful and well-off, and not just in that he is a young, successful entrepreneur. Partridge is successful in that he genuinely CARES about people. He does something that he loves and has changed over a million lives because of a company he has launched, and having his mind-set, "people over profit." He has made me, and I'm sure many other people, push for what's better and question what it is we really value in life. Make sure you do check him out!


Stay awesome,

Vicky :)