Cash for Black Friday


That’s probably all you've been hearing about, reading about and talking about. I myself am a frequent Black Friday shopper and I found that in order to limit my spending on this crazy day, I should use cash only -- becausegood deal after good deal can swallow up my funds quickly.

Did you know that Michigan First has ATMs that are accessible 24 hours a day and they are able to give you as little as $5 to withdraw? I absolutely love that I can choose the denominations of the money I withdraw for Michigan First as well! If I want 20 $1 bill's I can get that. 

So while you are shopping today, make sure you don’t swipe that card too many times. If you need to get some cash, remember the MoneyWorks ATMs at Michigan First have got your back. Or if you are not close to a Michigan First branch but you still need some spending cash, use this site to locate the closest CO-OP ATM near you.    

Happy shopping to you. Be safe and please remember to smile today.

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,