Can You Reverse Your Overdraft Fees?

Overdraft Fees are LAME

Overdrawing on your account can be pretty embarrassing right? Now take that embarrassment and slap a big fat fine right on top… OUCH right?! The first time I overdrew on my checking account, my father threatened to make me call the bank and apologize. Lucky for me, this never actually happened. Well, did you know First Gear Account holders have the ability to reverse some of those fees when they overdraft?! It’s called Oops Forgiveness and it’s an overdraft protection feature exclusive to our First Gear Account holders. It’s easy to use too. 

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In fact you can even do it online without having to talk to another human being! Simply log into your online banking and reverse the fee by redeeming your money perks points! No need to make an awkward and embarrassing call. After all, we all make mistakes every once in a while. This is just another way Michigan First makes it easy to get a handle on your finances!

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