Camping: NOT Just For Summer!

Camping is a summer pastime, right?

Camping in the fall can be so much fun. When I was younger, we used to head up to Sleeper State Park near Caseville (in the thumb area on Lake Huron) to participate in Howling Halloween Weekend. It still remains one of my favorite memories EVER -- families all go camping for a weekend in October, and they go trick-or-treating, have a costume contest, sandcastle building contest, bobbing for apples, and Best Decorated Campsite contest.
Though that may seem a bit childish for the 18-25 year old crowd (IT'S NOT, THOUGH), consider rounding up a group of friends for an inexpensive weekend getaway. If you pick a weekend with good weather -- which, I get it, is pretty much 50/50 in Michigan -- camping can be a great escape from the hectic fall shenanigans. 
You would also have an excuse to buy this.
The leaves are really pretty, and it's fun to take your bike on trails, visit a local apple orchard and go on a hay ride, and throw green dust into the campfire and tell ghost stories in the Midnight Society.
(Wait . . . )
Seriously, though, it's not too late to randomly head up north and do some fall camping!
Happy trails! and stay awesome,