Bye-Buy Expensive Bookstore: 5 Best Sites to Buy Textbooks for Cheap

Books are expensive. They are the ultimate mood killer, high blower, and just straight up annoyance of going back to school. If you ever had a book stipend, I’m jealous.

Here’s the number one rule of buying books: don’t buy your books from the school bookstore. Doing this is like putting Premium gas in a car that only needs Unleaded. You’re just spending a whole lot of extra money for no reason. Boy, bye.

Now, there are tons of websites, apps, and resources to help slice the price of your books in more than half. And if you’re worried about needing them as soon as classes start, don’t worry too much. Professors know what’s up. They usually give you a week or so to get your life in order.

Here are the best book ordering resources:


They offer book rental, used books, new books, and eBooks. They are usually substantially cheaper. Amazon was always my first stop when ordering books. If you haven’t signed up for the free 6-month Amazon Prime Student Trial, which includes free 2-day shipping, make sure you do that, also!


Chegg is so awesome. Super cheap, also. Ordering is very quick and easy. You also have the option to rent, buy used, new, or in eBook form. One super cool thing about Chegg is that they give you eBook access for a week, until your textbook arrives in the mail! How sweet.

Big Words

This is like the Expedia of textbooks. Does all the hard work for you. You put in the book title, and it pulls the cheapest prices from several online venders such as Chegg, Amazon, etc. Then, it compiles them into an awesome list ranked from cheapest to most expensive. It also tells you whether it’s a rental, new, used, etc. Super convenient so you don’t have to spend too much time searching for who has the best bargain. But I do recommend double checking on the actual sites, just to make sure you really got the best deal.


Can you guess what they specialize in? What sets them apart from all the other bazillion book renting companies is their FREE standard shipping. Yup.

Students Who Completed the Class -

Okay… this isn’t technically a website, but it’s too much of a lifesaver not to include. Make sure you pay attention to the bulletin boards around campus (in the cafeteria, hallways, classrooms, department offices, etc.) because a lot of students are trying to sell their books! Usually, they sell them for super cheap because they want to make a little money and get rid of the clutter. Sometimes they’ll tell the professor they’re selling their book, also. Make sure you ask the professor if he/she knows any previous students who may be selling their book. 

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Good luck finding the best bang for your buck.

Be Easy,