But where can I get my cash?

So, you want to join Michigan First Credit Union but you're concerned because you don't live by a branch. Well, you can throw those concerns aside because Michigan First has an app, great online banking, a 365 member service call center and is a part of the CO-OP network.

As a part of the CO-OP network you have access to nearly 30,000 ATM’s around the country! Yes, it’s true. When you need cash and you aren’t by your credit union’s branch, don’t worry, you can use a CO-OP network's ATM for free.

When you go to the ATM look for the CO-OP logo, if you don’t see that logo, pulling money out of your account could cost you a few bucks. It’s super easy to locate the nearest CO-OP ATM. All you have to do is type in the zip code of your area in the app or on the website here!

Because Michigan First Credit Union currently has 3 branches in Grand Rapids, I decided to type in a Grand Rapids zip code to see how many CO-OP ATM's would appear. I was amazed at the results! There’s 72 CO-OP ATM’S just in one zip code! (FYI, most 7-ELEVEN's have a CO-OP network ATM.) 

So now you can join Michigan First Credit Union without the fear of not being close enough to a branch. We got you covered. Feel free to send me an email or comment below if you have any questions.

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