Brooke's Custom Shoes

Looking for Some New Kicks?

Social media has a profound effect on the way we live our lives.  From how we portray ourselves to how we connect with other, social networks can define who we are in the private and professional environment.  However, social media is not just a place to chat with friends anymore.  It is a place to check the news, influence others, conduct meetings and in many cases start up and promote small businesses.  
Pages like Young & Free Michigan and Michigan First Credit Union are great avenues for companies to interact and engage their members, but what about individuals who are trying to make it on their own?  Networks like Facebook have made it incredibly easy for young entrepreneurs to promote themselves and build a fan base.  
A great example of this is, Brooke Van Sickle, who has started her own small business dedicated to painting custom designed shoes called, Brooke’s Custom Shoes.  Creating a small fan page filled with product photos and contact information has helped Brooke’s small business really take off.  She is now busy designing and painting white canvas shoes for anyone looking for a unique pair of kicks!  Simply like her page, send a private message and she’ll paint you your very own custom design, with your choice of color and pattern!  


Check it out!



I encourage everyone to check out her fan page and send her a message if you are interested!  She is a young, professional and TALENTED young adult just like you and could use as much support as possible!  Or, if you have a hobby or idea, try promoting it on Facebook like Booke!  It's easy and fun to do!
Until next time!