Birthday Gifts that No One Buys, but Everyone Loves

It's my birthday! But here's the thing - I’ve never really been big on birthdays.

 Me, in dog form. (

Me, in dog form. (

What's weird is that I love celebrating my family and friends’ birthdays, but when it comes to my own, it’s something in me that doesn’t care enough to throw myself a huge b-day shindig. My disposition lies somewhere between the fact that extremely high levels of attention make me moderately uncomfortable, and fear that no one would actually show up to my fabulously planned extravaganza.  Eh, no biggie.

Here are my favorite birthday gifts, that no one has to buy, but I always love to have:

  1. Non-card birthday cards. Facebook posts, IG pics with long captions… I live for those.  Honestly, I never know what to do with physical cards.  Save yourself the $3.99 (unless there’s money enclosed… then, that’s a different story) and just post a sweet personalized message on my page!

  2. Surprises!  These are my favorite because, 1) I don’t have to lift a finger, and 2) I don’t have to spend a penny.  Just how a birthday should be.  But please don’t let me show up to my surprise dinner party looking a hot mess… that’s all I ask.

  3. Email gifts. I LOVE THESE! I know it’s annoying getting a ton of emails from stores, BUT… my birthday is the only day I willingly open them.  So far, I’ve gotten:

 Me every time I check my email. (

Me every time I check my email. (

  • Free popcorn from Regal Cinemas
  • Free hairspray from Ulta Beauty
  • Free $30 dinner from Benihana (the only time of the year I eat there)
  • Free Starbucks drink
  • Free breakfast from Denny’s

It’s still early, so hopefully more email gifts roll in! You should check out this long list of stores and restaurants, and sign up for your favorite places’ mail lists to get some free stuff on your special day!

4.   Homemade vanilla or red velvet cupcakes. Just throwin’ that out there!

I am so thankful for another year. I am blessed with amazing family, friends, life, health, and the awesomest job in the world.  Thanks for all the b-day wishes! I am filled with love and gratitude. Oh, and happy birthday to Tupac, the realest.

 The amazingly healthy breakfast my team brought me this morning! Gotta love them :)

The amazingly healthy breakfast my team brought me this morning! Gotta love them :)

Be Easy,



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