Benefits of Going Greek in College

Joining a Greek organization can be an experience of a lifetime. Membership in sororities and fraternities offers many known and unknown benefits. Thinking about Greek life? Take a look at these tips for what Greek life could do for you. 

1.    You gain a never-ending network (academic & leadership roles)

Greek organizations give you a network full of opportunities. You have more academic, leadership, and community service opportunities. Once joining a Greek organization you can begin to receive benefits that you would’ve never imagined before Greek life. The people who became Greek before you will always try their best to help you out in all your endeavors.  You have the ability to travel for your prospective organizations and gain insight on places outside of where you live. Post-graduation you will have a special network that is always willing to offer a helping hand. 

2.    Everywhere you go... you will know someone!

Greek organizations have members all over the world. When you go somewhere there will always be a brother or sister Greek somewhere for you to connect with. You never have to feel alone anymore. At times, people may notice you before you notice them. Greek life can boost your interactions with your peers for the better.

3.    Community service becomes second nature

Community service is no longer an option but a responsibility. Although your social life will be great, it’s not all fun and games. Most Sororities and Fraternities have a specific amount of community service hours they commit to each month. Once becoming Greek it gives you a chance to really help other people in your community and world. These real world experiences can help shape you into a naturally giving individual. Some of the largest community service initiatives come from large Greek organizations.

4.    Multi-tasking becomes an everyday thing

You may think multi-tasking is hard now, but Greek life will make you a master at it. Many Greeks hold leadership roles in their organizations, jobs or internships, in addition to full class loads. Greek life can teach you how you work under pressure too. You’re likely to learn how to write a five page paper in one night while preparing for a community service day or program.

5.    Lifelong friendships and memories

Greek life isn’t all about the work. You build relationships with other Greeks within your organization and outside of it. Being in a Sorority and Fraternity will give you great memories that you will never forget. College can be hard at times, but having a group of like-minded individuals to call sisters or brothers can be exactly what you need to push through. 


Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,

Young & Free Michigan Team