Being Young & Free

We all have our own take on what it means to be Young & Free, and maybe being Young & Free means something different to all of us. Maybe it means going where you want to go, seeing new things, living life to the fullest, being able to vote, to write, to sing, without being held back when doing so.

When I was in Nashville, the other BEAUTIFUL spokesters and I were asked, "what does it mean to be Young & Free?" And it stirred me for a little bit. There's SO MUCH that makes us Young & Free, and it's hard to put into words. Yet, I do know what being Young & Free isn't. It's not being controlled, or used, or a tool someone makes money off of.

It may feel hard to talk about, but money also comes into play here. To me, being Young & Free isn't being ripped off by a system, being scared that if I miss a payment, I'll lose half of a paycheck because of it. To me, being Young & Free isn't being taken advantage of. It's caring about other people, and having others care about you. I know when I started banking at Michigan First Credit Union, I felt as if my money was actually mine... and that made me feel free to use it, whereas when I was at a bank, I felt as if they acted like they were doing me a favor and they charged me for it. Credit unions put people BEFORE profits. Credit unions believe in you and your dreams. See what a credit union can do for you.

You shouldn't just be free when it comes to exploring, to choosing your daily outfit and what you'll eat for lunch. Being free also involves where you bank, and you should be able to choose that too.

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Below is the video us Young & Free spokesters created to celebrate and to promote credit unions. We all came together in Nashville, Tennessee to create this awesome video. For more information on us spokesters, click here.

Check out our video here:

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Vicky :)