Behind The Scenes of Nashville 2013, Spokester Meetup

 The spokesters!

The spokesters!

Last week, my fellow spokesters Jill from Alberta, Lauren from Maine, Aly from Indiana, Alysha from Florida, Kaison from Alabama and Caressa from St. Louis took a trip to Nashville and collaborated on making a group video. Our video coach Matthew also came, as well as a couple of members from the Michigan First Credit Union team. It was A LOT of fun and I had a blast meeting with everyone; I'd now consider all of the spokesters great friends.

I took away something from Nashville and from all of my fellow spokesters that I can't help but to share with you. While talking with the other spokesters, I realized that even though we're all different people and go through different struggles and triumphs, we're all still very similar. Through learning that, I learned that whatever consequences I face are on me. As in, if I don't do something to the best of my ability, no matter what the circumstances were, I am going to have to face those consequences. I also realized that every single thing I do represents who I am as a person. And for that, no matter what struggles you go through, whether you do or do not have support, you still have to push yourself to get far. You can't always depend on other people. You can't let things hold you back; this is your life, don't take advantage of or use excuses.


And now that I am done being a little too deep ;), I'd like to share a video that includes some behind the scenes footage I shot during my trip in Nashville. Enjoy! :)


Until next time, 

Vicky :)