Beating the Heat!

Hey all you renters out there!  

If you’ve recently started renting a new place, you might be noticing how expensive it is to run your AC in this 90 plus degree weather.  Keeping an icy cold apartment all summer long can mean having to pay a pretty high utility bill.  For those of us that don’t want to live in an oven all semester long, but can’t afford high monthly bills may want to look at how that they manage to conserve gas in their vehicles for help.  Keeping your engine free of gunk is a great way to help increase gas mileage.  Just like your car’s engine, an air conditioning unit can also get bogged down with gunk.  Taking a small portion out of your day to clean your AC can really help it’s performance.  Less dust and grim means less work for your AC, which in turn, lets you save a little money.  With a little elbow grease and sweat, you and your roommates can enjoy a slightly more comfortable living arrangement without having to burn a hole in your wallet!
Until next time!