Bank Nationwide with a Credit Union

Credit unions have undeservingly picked up a bad rap for being inconvenient when it comes to banking.  People are under the misconception that in order to do your banking, you MUST be present at THAT credit union’s branch or ATM. BUT THAT ISN’T TRUE!

A lot of credit unions, including Michigan First, participate in the CO-OP network. And this may lead to the question, “What is the CO-OP network?” Well, let me tell you - IT’S AWESOME.

The CO-OP ATM network gives you the convenience of accessing your money while you’re away from your credit union’s branch or ATM without any surcharges or fees. There are nearly 30,000 of these CO-OP ATMs nationwide where you can withdraw cash without paying fees (some are at stores like 7-Eleven®, Walgreens and Costco®) You can even deposit money in more than 9,000 of the CO-OP ATMs!

And when your banking requires more than what an ATM provides, there are about 5,000 credit union “shared branches” and around 2,000 self-service locations where you can also do your banking.

In other words, Michigan First Credit Union offers super convenient access when compared to the big banks. The only difference being: you won’t receive a surcharge for using a CO-OP ATM (and you’ll still receive the tender love and care that the big banks won’t offer ya.)

So next time you’re all the way out in… Arizona and you stop at a 7-Eleven to get a Slurpee, and then you realize you have NO cash on you, use that CO-OP ATM, because Michigan First has got your back, even though we’re more than 2,000 miles away in Michigan.

To locate a CO-OP ATM or branch near you, click here.

Until next time,

Vicky  :)