Baggage Fees are Lame

Planning on flying anywhere this summer? While plane tickets alone can cost a fortune, one of the worst hidden fees associated with flying comes from airline baggage fees. Bigwig execs probably don’t mind the cost, but as young adults, we don’t always have the luxury or lining in our wallets to eat a $50 charge for checking a bag.

Today I want to share with you a couple quick tips on how you can avoid extra baggage fees this summer while you fly. I’ll be headed down to Dallas for a little less then a week this August and you can bet I’ve already started strategizing how I can avoid paying EXTRA money…Check it out!

_overstuffed suitcase.jpg

Layer Up

While this is hard to do in the summertime, if you can manage to put on a couple different layers of tanks or t-shirts, it will save you some extra space in your carry on.  For the ladies, try wearing your leggings under a pair of jeans or a tank with a button down shirt over the top. I am no fashion expert, so if I just offended someone, I'm sorry. The bottom line is, the more you wear, the less you have to pack.

Space Bags?

Yea, so they are a pretty nerdy solution, BUT plastic compression bags can save you a lot of space! See if mom, dad or grandma and grandpa have any laying around. For smaller items like socks and underwear, try throwing them in small gallon bag at home and making your own homemade compression bag. NERDS RULE and save money.

Don’t Bring the Library

For all you readers out there, you DON’T need to bring half of your book collection on the plane.  We live in the ear of tablets and smart phones so GET WITH IT. Download a few books on your tablet and save yourself from the added weight and space. Magazines are a great alternative to books, because they are lighter and you don’t have to feel guilty about pitching them when you are done.

Sack the Economy Sized Toothpaste

They make travel sized toiletries for a reason. For years I've tried cramming my full bottles of shaving cream, toothpaste and mouthwash into my tote bag because I was too lazy to run to the store and by travel sized items. Bite the bullet and spend $10 at the drugstore instead of the $50 it will cost you to check that oversized suitcase.

Pair Up

My girlfriend and I realized this the other weekend while we were traveling.  Why did we BOTH need to bring toothpaste, shampoo, advil, and an assortment of other common toiletries?  If you’re traveling with a friend or significant other, agree ahead of time to share these items. You’ll save yourself some serious space and excess clutter in the hotel bathroom. Just don’t forget to bring something…or ELSE be prepared to hear about it the rest of the trip...

Special thanks to for the tips. They are a fantastic blog that you should ALL follow.  Keep these tips in mind this summer while you vacation and have safe and happy travels!

Until next time,