Avoiding the Re-Clutter

Getting rid of stuff can make you feel good.  

(Unless you're a hoarder, in which case . . . you need more help than this blog can give you.)
But the problem with many people is that as soon as they get rid of stuff that's cluttering up their lives, they run out and buy new stuff -- this is called "recluttering."  There's really no point in freeing up space if you're just going to put new junk there. 
The Decluttering Guru (I don't know if that's her official title, but let's go with it) wrote a blog post about how to determine whether you should purchase items for your home/wardrobe or whether you should pass it up to avoid recluttering.
She posted a list of questions to ask yourself before you buy something - I'll just post a few of them here. The rest can bye found in the blog post!
Before you splurge, ask yourself:
1)  Do I need it?
2)  Do I want it?
3)  Did I come into the store looking for this item, or did it just catch my eye?
4)  Can I borrow it or rent it instead?
5)  Can I buy it used?
6)  Can I share the purchase of this item with someone else? 
7)  Have I researched this purchase? Is this item durable and does it do the things I want?
These tips are great -- both for avoiding recluttering or just to avoid the ever-present impulse buy!
Got any more tips to avoid buying stuff you don't need? Leave it here!
Stay awesome!