Are You LinkedIN?

I joined LinkedIn in 2014 when I applied to be the Young & Free Spokester. In all honesty, I only joined because it was one of the requirements to apply for the position. However since joining, I’ve discovered the amazing connections, opportunities and resources that LinkedIn provides. 

Let’s fast forward 2 years. During my years as the spokester, I’ve come across many young adults who are either unhappy with their current job or they are desperately in need of a new one. Most of these individuals have a well scripted resume and are capable of advancing towards their career goals, however when I ask them if they are on LinkedIn, they reply, “no”. 

Why aren’t millennial’s using LinkedIn as a resource? LinkedIn was built to connect professionals, network and reach multiple employers with your impressive online resume. 

So here is the challenge, join LinkedIn and stay active with your profile. Make as many connections as possible. Keep your profile up to date and don’t be afraid to reach out to find other opportunities you would thrive in. 

Michigan First, as well as several other major corporations, use LinkedIn to find potential team members. Keeping your various social media platforms “clean” is also an important factor, in order to make the best first impression possible. Regardless, your resume and/or LinkedIn profile should speak volumes for your work and ultimately make employers want to know more about you. 

It’s okay to toot your own horn, but don’t over exaggerate. List all your professional merits and accomplishments and don’t be afraid to mention a few personal ones too! Maybe you love dogs, or religiously celebrate taco Tuesday. Find a way to include the fun facts. Now-a-days companies are looking for people with skill and personality.

Do you have a LinkedIn? If yes, do you check your LinkedIn daily? Feel free to ask any questions you might have about starting your LinkedIn profile and I will reach out to some of our HR professionals to help answer those questions for you! 

Keeping it Fresh, Young & Free,