Applicant #9: Kirby Hairston

Kirby Hairston is a 21-year-old from Auburn Hills.

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Hey there Kirby here!

I’m a 21 year-old graduate of the Specs Howard School for Media Arts, who loves life and everything about it! After graduation you could say I hit the ground running, completing an Internship with 97.8 AMP Radio in January, and obtaining a position on-air at The New 107.5fm WGPR Detroit that same month.

I understand that the way our generation spends our money now will weigh heavy on our futures, however I don’t think that it’s any reason anyone should hold themselves back from achieving their dreams. If selected to be your 2011 Michigan First Young and Free Spokesperson, I intend to show you that there are ways to live your best life now on a budget!

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Hey there Kirby here!

As Students, cell phone users, car drivers, human beings living in America and more, we all have some form of bill to pay. However before you start to ration off your hard earned pay check in different directions STOP! Pay yourself first! Paying yourself first may seem silly and like something you can always do whenever you get around to it, maybe tomorrow, not today, after next month, when you hit the lottery, or after Christmas, but the sooner you incorporate this savings mentality into your life it really is for the better!

Having a savings plan where you put away money intentionally for you and not just what’s left over after bills seems like crazy alien talk. But paying yourself first translates into a giant stash of benefits that are yours for the reaping! Having these financial savings set aside allows you to have money for medical emergencies, that trip to Cancun, and “oh no, you need business slacks for your young business people of tomorrow presentation… tomorrow!” Although these may not necessarily be you exact emergencies I hope you’re getting the big picture. So what are you waiting for? Set a savings goal, a portion of “your money” that “you promise” to set aside for yourself. Tools such as direct deposit are a huge help in paying yourself first, this allows the percentage of your pay check that you decide to automatically be drafted into your account, without you ever having to go through the pains of doing it yourself. Check with your place of employment and financial Institution to see what direct deposit options are available to you.

Paying yourself first is more than a little piece of change you’re saving for a rainy day; it’s an investment in your financial security for the future, so that you can concentrate on living your best life today!