Applicant #4: Leyandria Murray

Leyandria Murray is a 19-year-old from Auburn Hills.

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Leyandria's current situation:

Currently I am a student at Oakland University studying Journalism Broadcasting. I have been a member of Michigan First for about 3 years. I’m your average 19 year old and I LOVE TO TALK

Leyandria's blog post:

I’m Leyandria Murray and I’m a 19 year old student at Oakland University. Most people would describe me as energetic, charismatic, talkative and outgoing.

I am super excited about this opportunity. I have been brainstorming some different ideas for my blog. I have decided if I am picked to be the Young Free Michigan spokesperson I will be providing the 25 and under crowd with the ultimate “HOW TO” guide on how to save, spend and invest money in the best ways. I know that you are thinking “She’s only 19 how does she know how to save, spend and invest money?” Well to answer your question I have learned all of these things from Michigan First Credit Union. Not from just being an active member but from being a student teller. I have seen first-hand the benefits of being a member of a credit union verses a bank and I am 100% committed to working with this financial institution in being the voice that the 25 and under crowd needs in the baking world.