Applicant #29: Walter Bivens

Walter Bivens is a 24-year-old from Lansing.

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Currently I'm a student at Michigan State University, senior studying economics. One of my passions is helping people. One of the ways I do that is through public speaking.

Walter's blog post:

Needs vs. Wants what wins?

One of the hardest lessons to learn while being young and full of potential is how to separate your needs from your wants. This is a lesson I learned during my freshman year of college. This lesson taught me how to survive and become an independent consumer. During this learning experience I made a lot of mistakes believing because, I could not have the things I wanted that I now had a need for what I could not have. For instance I wanted to buy the video game, NBA Live when it was first released and making this sudden purchase caused me to overlook what I needed to take care of, so I mismanaged money I should have saved. Well that was a huge mistake and I fell into financial trouble by making consecutive mistakes such as this.

During my first year at Michigan State University I learned that a key to long-term sustainable financial success is to do what you need now.This involves saving and avoiding impulse buying, this is as simple as for example not spending money everyday at vending machines. This is supported in economics in how we learn the advantage of dealing with short-term constraints in order to have long-term growth. Being young, its hard see that a dollar saved today is more valuable tomorrow. Often times I fell into the trap of wanting to have the latest fashion and gadgets only because others had it, which quickly led me down the wrong path.

So why would you be reading the blog of a 24 year old economics major at Michigan State University? I only want to help guide and show how some of the things we want take away from meeting our everyday needs. If you take away the financial help of our parents, and close family that often times bails us out of financially tight situations, we quickly see how well we can manage our wants and needs. In the end our needs are much greater than anything else, to have clean clothes, a place to stay, and food to eat are only a few of the many essentials of life. Wouldn't you love to get that one thing you have been dying to have. Well I would love to help everyone get to financial freedom “so you can have whatever you like” -T.I..