Applicant #24: Aisha Johnson

Aisha Johnson is a 18-year-old from Detroit.

Aisha's video application:

Aisha's current situation:

I am an eighteen year old who lives in the city of Detroit. I attend Oakland Community College Royal Oak Campus as a freshman.I plan to transfer to Michigan State University to major in Forensic Psychology. I want to ensure young people that they can persue their dreams,all they need is motivation.

Aisha's blog post:

Having a voice and being heard as a young person matters to me. As a memeber of the National Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Youth Council, I was persuaded that we as young people our voice can be heard. One of the freedoms you have is the right to vote. I hear young people say, "I'm not voting because it does not matter." In reality it does matter,and it is very important to me. I am a woman of African American decent. At one point of time African Americans, as well as women did not have the right to vote. Today African Americans as well as women can now vote. Voting shows that you used your voice on who you want to decide to represent you. By being able to vote, it shows the ability to make a difference, voting will continue from generation to generation.