Applicant #22: Jennifer Weaver

Jennifer Weaver is a 25-year-old from Southfield.

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Jennifer's current situation:

Your looking at one of the newest graduates of the Medill School of Journalism. I just spent the last year of my life traveling around Chicago reporting on everything from nutrition to global warming. I am happy to be back home and look forward to the amazing future that is ahead of me!

Jennifer's blog post:

To be young and free! It certainly is exciting. We are a group that is rewriting what it means to be successful. We are a generation of go-getters, carving a new future for the world. We may be young but we also have goals, obstacles, hopes and dreams. For many of us that means college, friends, travel, whatever your tomorrow looks like. Freedom is not just about having the courage to reach for the stars, it also means we need a new kind of financial stability to fund these dreams.

The world is our oyster but we can’t begin to experience everything it has to offer without balance. After all, do you think Mark Zuckerberg became the world’s youngest billionaire without a little financial know how? It doesn’t take much to get there, just initiative. The first step could be right down the street or around the corner. Because after all, freedom takes education, courage and the understanding that tough economic times don’t define your destiny, you do.

I look forward to hearing what freedom means to you and sharing resources to help you reach for your perfect tomorrow!