Applicant #21: Marcell Younger

Marcell Younger is a 20-year-old from Detroit.

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I currently take online classes for Baker College and spend the rest of my free time online.

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What do terms such as a youth, young person and young adult really mean? What ages would you have to fall between to be classified as one of these many people want to know? And if it is based on being a particular physical age, should it be this that is used as a quantifier, who can i ask?

Ask a hundred people in the street these questions and I am sure you would get an absolute myriad of answers on what defines you as being young araying from one to one-hundred depending on their age. I know some people who think being young means being in your early teens but I also know people who still see you as a young person if you are in your twenties, and for my parents being forty and fifty is young.

I think personally that being young is about the level intelligence, your experience and your maturity that you posses. I have known some very mature teenagers with a ton of life skills but on the other hand I know some people in their twenties who aren’t ready to leave home yet and have the same attitudes and maturity that you would associate with a young person a very young person.

I don’t think an age range should be put on the term young person although I would like to see some unified clarification on the term. I think that people should be treated as an individual and not be forced in to a new stage of life just because they have reached a certain age, that to me is like throwing an unprepared eighteen year old into battle with out the correct mindset and abilities but yet you have 14 year olds who are absle to do theese things. just some food for though think about it.